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What We Do

Porterswood Farm 

Porterswood Farm is a traditional mixed family farm. The Wesley's have been farming at Porterswood Farm for four generations over 50 years. 

Jeff Wesley was the first generation at Porterswood Farm and is still active here today.  You can usually find him tending the vegetable garden which produces the vegtables for the shop.

Laura makes all the Jams, pickles, preserves and condiments. Laura makes excellent cakes which are now available to order through the online store for collection from the shop.

The farm comprises of 12000 free range laying hens, 150 head of cattle and 200 turkeys, geese, ducks and cockerels. It is up to Steven, Elaine and James to tend the livestock and concentrate on the day to day running of the farm. 

You are welcome to come and see how your eggs are produced in our state of the art production unit.

We are open fro 8am - 8pm 7 days a week. why not come and see.